Northwest Rare & Heritage Rabbit Breeders' Club

Protecting Rare and Endangered Rabbit Breeds ~ Promoting Heritage Uses

Message from the President

January 2011

  I want to start this, my first message, with a whole list of Thank You’s.  A huge thank you goes to the outgoing officers - Krystal and Melinda.  They have been so important to this organization; I certainly hope that they continue to be involved!  Just to be sure, I’ve appointed Krystal to my old Director position – now she can’t get away from me and will have to uphold her promise to be my mentor!  Another thank you goes out to Greta who continues on as our Secretary/Treasurer.  She has signed up to the task of training a pair of new officers.  And finally, a big thank you to the membership that voted this election, not only for voting for both Emilee and I, but also for taking time out of your busy lives to make it to the poll location to post your vote.

  The New Year always feels exciting to me.  A clean slate to start anything under the stars.  As the temperatures dip to negative digits at my house I sit at home planning my rabbit year.  Who to breed to who, how to time for the shows I plan to attend, what shows DO I plan to attend, what changes to be made to the rabbitry to make it more workable…  Sitting inside next to the woodstove – of course! 

  This year we plan to have our second Expo in Colville.  Put October 8th on your calendars… we’d love to see ALL of you at the show this year.  There is plenty of time to plan ahead at this point.  Come experience a warm and well rounded show.  If there is something that comes to mind for you in your own rabbit plans and thoughts… that the group can participate in, or be more involved or if you have an exciting brainstorm – I encourage you to share it with us.  Either through the Yahoo! Group or by emailing me directly.

  Let’s all think inside AND outside the (nest) box!


Sue Gower


Founder's Message

    Welcome to our community! I am honored to be a part of this new rabbit breeders club. Although in our infancy, we already have a strong, dedicated membership, many experienced breeders, and a wide range of rare rabbit breeds represented. The NWRHRBC is more than a rabbit club for the showing of rabbits. We are dedicated to preserving and improving our rare, and some nearly extinct, breeds of rabbit. We are committed to educating both the rabbit community and the general public not only of the plight of these majestic rabbits, but also their heritage use for meat, fur and fiber. Some of the most rare breeds in need of preservation efforts are the American (blue and white), Blanc d' Hotot a.k.a. Standard Hotot, American Chinchilla, Satin Angora, Giant Chinchilla, Giant Angora, Creme d' Argent, Cinnamon, Belgian Hare, American Sable, Beveren, Standard Chinchilla, Silver Fox, Lilac, Silver and Rhinelander.

    Why a rare heritage rabbits breed club? The importance of our mission may not appear significant unless viewed in context. In 2007, rural America is under siege by forces such as diluted federal standards for organic foods, legislature banning the rights of individuals to consume the foods they choose, restrictive legislature regulating the use of private land, cheap food lacking nutritional value from industrial farms, NAIS, the near extinction of the small family farmer and sustainable living, and militant animal rights lobbyists attempting to ban the slaughter of rabbit. It is no wonder that almost all the rarest rabbits are heritage meat and fiber breeds. I believe that supporting and joining NWRHRBC is one way to maintain the diversity of rabbit breeds, save bloodlines that may soon be lost forever, and to be seen and heard through supporting the American heritage of self-sufficiency and hobbyists, small breeders and farmers.

    My hope is a future where rabbit enthusiasts and farmers alike can find one of the magnificent rare breeds of their choice in their local area, and have freedom and knowledge to raise them for pets, show, meat or fur and fiber. Please join me in this imposing yet exciting adventure!

Jolynn-Marie Wagner
Founder & 1st President
January 2007